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Exterior Signage

Scotiabank Arena is in the heart of it all. Because this building is simply a structure, a vessel that finds meaning in the many magical things that we fill its walls with. From the Maple Leafs’ stars and the Raptors’ fans, all the way to your favourite artist’s international tour, Scotiabank Arena is truly defined by whatever you place at its heart.

Our exterior logo’s and signage act as a vessel system to help us celebrate the events in the building and moments in the community and world. It is an adaptive framework designed to let the Scotiabank Arena visual identity shift, evolve, and breath in these connections.

You will see our signage change for special events such as Leafs and Raptors games, or major concerts but also for moments in history, holidays, celebrations or mourning.  If you see our signage change – take a picture and tag us!

Do you have a schedule of signage colour changes?

At this time we do not publish our schedule for our exterior signage simply becuase it is ever changing! You can count on it being a mosaic of blue during all home Maple Leafs games as well as a mosaic of red and black during all home Raptors games. On a regular day the signage is in our multicoloured 'Energy' mosaic. 

Can you change the signage colour for my event or occasion?

We do not accept requests to change the sigange at this time.