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Accessible Entrance

Scotiabank Arena offers an accessible entrance lane at Gate 1 in the Galleria. 

Fans looking to utilize this accessible lane may have up to 3 guests with them. Groups larger than 4 people may be asked to split up. 

Arena Design

Scotiabank Arena was built on the site of the original Canada Post Delivery Building and retains the historic east and south walls. A 140,000-square-foot office tower at the northeast corner houses Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd. offices, as well as the Toronto office for the National Hockey League. The steel roof was designed with a flat profile, giving it the appearance of an airplane hangar and provides enhanced internal acoustics.


For safety and as a courtesy to other fans, please help keep the aisles clear at all times. We ask that all fans refrain from standing, sitting or dancing in the aisles.

Alcohol Management

Our goal is to promote responsible alcohol service and enhance fan safety and
enjoyment. Scotiabank Arena staff are trained in responsible alcohol management.

Rules and Regulations Governing Alcohol Management at Scotiabank Arena:

  • Alcohol from outside the building cannot be brought in.
  • Any person found inside the building with alcohol not purchased in Scotiabank Arena is subject to immediate ejection.
  • A person may not enter the building in an intoxicated state.
  • Intoxication in a public place is a criminal offence.
  • Any person found on the property in an intoxicated state will be removed from the premises.
  • Any person purchasing, possessing, or consuming alcohol must be 19 years of age or older and must be able to produce acceptable photo I.D. proving their age.
  • Acceptable forms of photo I.D. at Scotiabank Arena are valid driver’s license; Age of Majority Card; Armed Forces Card; Passport; Canadian Citizenship Card; MTO Issued Photo ID; Canadian Permanent Resident Card; Native Status card.

Alcohol Service Cut-Off Times:

Hockey - Start of the 3rd period of play

Basketball - Start of the 4th quarter of play*

Concerts/Live Events - To be determined based on the event *After the 9-minute mark of the 4th quarter, alcohol can no longer be brought into the seating bowl.

While we always strive to provide the most accurate information regarding all Scotiabank Arena policies, alcohol policies are subject to change without notice. Please contact Fan Services at (416) 815-5982 with any questions.


Animals or pets are not permitted at Scotiabank Arena, with the exception of service animals for fans with disabilities. A service animal is defined as any animal that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, and can be identified as such. Fans entering our venue with a service animal will be required to provide documentation upon request. 

Bag Policy

To protect our fans, employees and team and to align with league and tour standards, a restricted bag policy is in place at Scotiabank Arena. This policy will reduce contact between security staff and patrons’ items as well as inhibit the introduction of prohibited items to the venue.

View our bag policy here


All Sports – Posters and signs must not exceed 22”x28” (Poster Board) in size. Posters and signs must not hinder, distract, or interfere with the view of other fans and must not be obscene or in poor taste. Commercial, political, or negative messages are not permitted. They must not cover or distract from permanent signage or block broadcast cameras. Posters and signs are not allowed in NBA courtside seats. Fans are not permitted to use or wave banners, signs or other items that are affixed to any pole or stick made of wood, metal, plastic or any other hard material. In keeping with our Code of Conduct, and our goal to promote an environment that is considerate and respectful to everyone, MLSE reserves the right to remove any banner/sign deemed inappropriate or used in an unacceptable manner.


Concerts/Live Events - Poster and Sign Policy will be according to the tour’s discretion and is subject to change at any point, including on event day. Fans who bring a poster/sign that exceeds the tour’s guidelines will be directed to a Guest Services Help Desk to check their item.

Birthdays & Special Occasions

We want to help celebrate you or your guest’s birthday, first game or any special occasion with the following services:

Toronto Maple Leafs

  • Birthday Messages – If you are celebrating a birthday and would like your name displayed on the Jumbotron at a Toronto Maple Leafs home game, please visit the following link: Request Form
  • In-Seat Experience – Our Engagement team is here to help celebrate you or your guest’s birthday, first game or any special occasion with an unforgettable, personalized in-seat visit. To submit a request for a Toronto Maple Leafs home game, please visit the following link: Request Form

Toronto Raptors

  • Birthday Messages – If you are celebrating a birthday and would like your name displayed on the Jumbotron at a Toronto Raptors home game, please visit the following link: Request Form
  •  In-Seat Experience – Our Engagement team is here to help celebrate you or your guest’s birthday, first game or any special occasion with an unforgettable, personalized in-seat visit. To submit a request for a Toronto Raptors home game, please visit the following link: Request Form

Please ensure to read the stipulations and details outlined on each request form for more information.

Please Note: Both Carlton the Bear and The Raptor are extremely busy during game days. Unfortunately, requests cannot be made for a visit from our mascots.

Broken Seats

If your seat is broken, please notify the nearest staff member for assistance or text us using Fan Assist 647-694-0454.

In the event that your seat cannot be fixed during the event, our Guest Services team will relocate you to alternative seats.

Cannabis Policy

Scotiabank Arena has a strict no smoking policy.  As with cigarettes, cannabis can be brought into the building, but is not to be consumed or used inside our venue at any time.  Smoking of any kind will result in ejection from the Arena.  Scotiabank Arena has a strict no in/out policy.  In/out privileges will be granted if proper medical documentation is presented to security for personal consumption ONLY.  Please note that if you are in possession of cannabis for recreational use, edibles will not be granted entry into our venue and it cannot be used at any time while in our facility.

Cameras, Video Cameras, Audio Recorders

NBA Policy: Camera flashes may not be used at any time during games. Cameras with detachable lenses are strictly prohibited. Video cameras are permitted, however NBA policy strictly prohibits the use of still photos or video footage for commercial purposes without the express written approval of the NBA head office. Video cameras, GoPros, and Selfie Sticks are not permitted.

NHL Policy: Non-flash still photography is permitted; however, the lens must not exceed 75mm. Video cameras, GoPros, and Selfie Sticks are not permitted.

Concerts:  As the camera policy for each event varies, we recommend that fans contact Fan Services at (416) 815-5982 prior to arriving at the building to confirm the camera policy for a particular event. iPads and other tablets are not permitted during Concerts/Special Events. MLSE reserves the right to confiscate any tape or film that is used during an event.

Cancelled/Postponed Events

In rare instances, an event at Scotiabank Arena may be postponed or cancelled. If you are looking for information on an event that has been postponed or cancelled, please call our Fan Services Hotline at (416) 815-5982. For cancelled events, ticket refunds will be made available at your point of purchase.


Children - Tickets

Children 24 months and under may enter without a ticket but must sit on the lap of an accompanying adult. All children over 24 months MUST have a valid ticket for a specific seat location and be accompanied by an adult.

This policy is subject to change based on the event.

Coat Check

Scotiabank Arena does not offer a coat check service. Please note that Scotiabank Arena is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.


Community Partnerships

At Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd., we help kids in our community by giving them opportunities to learn and play. Through our community, development and charitable initiatives, we aim to BUILD, TEACH, GROW and GIVE.

BUILDING: In partnership with the City of Toronto, MLSE is committed to improving the community through rink, court and field refurbishments.

TEACHING: MLSE is committed to helping our youth learn by bringing educational programs into schools within our community.

GROWING: In partnership with Hockey Canada, Canada Basketball, and the Canadian Soccer Association, MLSE is committed to growing participation in sports within our community.

GIVING: MLSE gives back to the community through our two charitable arms – Leafs Fund for Kids and Raptors Foundation for Kids.

For more information, please contact (416) 815-5400 or visit the “Community” sections at:, and

All requests for charitable donations should be directed to our Community Relations department at the following address:


The Guest Services team is dedicated to providing a proactive and immediate response to issues affecting fans. Should a fan have a concern during an event, please visit a Guest Services representative at one of the following locations:

Level 100, at Gate 1
Level 300, at Section 301

Fans can also text our Fan Assist number at 647-694-0454 for any assistance during an event. 

To contact the Guest Services team after an event, or for a concern that is not related to an event, please call Guest Services at (416) 815-5982 (Monday-Friday 10:00am – 5:00pm) or visit the Contact Us section and select the “Fan Services” option to send an e-mail.

Contact Information

Scotiabank Arena
50 Bay Street, Suite 500
Ontario M5J 2L2

Click here for more details


Conversions are the process of changing over from one event to another (i.e. hockey to basketball). The average conversion takes approximately 5-8 hours to complete, working with a team of 25 staff.

COVID-19 Policies

To view all up to date new policies and procedures related to COVID-19, please visit our Back In Action page.

COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements

There are currently no COVID-19 vaccination requirements for fans within Scotiabank Arena. 

Certain concerts/special events reserve the right to mandate this on an event by event basis. If an event does require this, it will be indicated on the event detail page. 


Scotiabank Arena is equipped with defibrillators at multiple locations throughout the building.

Designated Driver Program


The Designated Driver Program is designed to promote to our fans the importance of having a plan to get home safely. Fans in attendance at Leafs and Raptors home games who are not drinking alcoholic beverages can visit a Guest Services location (Gate 1 or Section 301) to take the pledge. Fans who sign up as a Designated Driver are rewarded with a voucher for a free Coors Edge. They are also entered into a draw to win a year-end prize.

Please Note: Fans must be 19 years of age or older to take the pledge.

Dietary Requirements

Fans with unique dietary requirements who require specific types of food and beverage may be permitted to bring their own food and beverage into the facility. Please call Fan Services at (416) 815-5982 to inquire about exceptions to Scotiabank Arena’s outside food and beverage policy. We would also be happy to tell you all about our extensive menu. If you are unable to connect with Fan Services before the event, please highlight your requirement to our staff at the entrance gates and/or ask to speak with a supervisor.

Note: Scotiabank Arena concession stands and vendors sell peanuts and other nut products throughout the building. Scotiabank Arena does not have areas free from nut products and as a result, we recommend that those with nut allergies exercise extreme caution if attending events at Scotiabank Arena.

Dietary Restrictions

We are proud to offer a wide variety of food options to accommodate fans with food allergies, intolerances or dietary restrictions. Please see the link below for options. While our policy is to not allow any outside food or beverage into Scotiabank Arena, we may make exceptions in unique situations. Please see the Food Allergies section for more information.

Click here to view our Gluten Friendly & Vegetarian Guide

Donation Requests

Our Community Relations department does not donate tickets to Leafs/Raptors/Toronto FC games or Live events. However, they do donate pieces of autographed merchandise to assist with fundraising initiatives. Should you see this as something that could be beneficial to your cause, please submit a formal request by visiting

Please Note: Due to the large volume of requests we receive, we are unable to guarantee that your request will be fulfilled.

Duplicate Ticket Policy

We strongly recommend that you obtain your tickets for Scotiabank Arena events from Ticketmaster or our Ticket Office. We are unable to guarantee the validity of tickets purchased from third-party sources. We cannot honour counterfeit/invalid tickets. Any fan who, knowingly or unknowingly, gains entry using invalid tickets will be subject to ejection without compensation.

Employment Opportunities

At Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd., we are interested in hiring those individuals who share our vision and values as an organization. As a sports and entertainment company dedicated to presenting the very best that this industry has to offer, we constantly cultivate a culture based on creating champions. This means exciting our fans, inspiring our employees and bringing pride to our community. Our ideal candidate is someone who thrives in a dynamic environment, and who understands the need for championship fan service at all levels of the organization. At Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd., we “Hire for attitude; train for skill.”

Please visit the Job Opportunities section regularly for our latest employment opportunities. If you wish to apply for an internship, please email for more info


Escalators connect Level 100 to Level 200, and Level 200 to Level 300 on either side of Gate 1 as well as at Gates 5 and 5B.

Elevators located at Scotibank Premium Entrance provide access to Parking Levels 1 and 2, Event Level, 100L Concourse, 300L Concourse, Arena Restaurants (ScotiaClub, Hot Stove Club, Platinum Club, Air Canada Signature Club), Theatre Suites (500L & 600L), and the MLSE office tower. 

Elevators located at the northwest corner of the arena provide access to Parking Levels 1 and 2, arena seating, and loge suites.

Elevators are also available at Gate 5 and provide fans access up to Level 400.

First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits within Scotiabank Arena can be found at the following locations:

  • Guest Services Desks (Gate 1, and 300 Level outside section 301)
  • All fixed concession stands

First Game/Concert Program

Is it your first time at Scotiabank Arena for a Concert, Leaf or Raptors game? Visit a Guest Services Desk (Gate 1 or outside of section 301) for a First Game/Concert Lanyard!

Radio Broadcast (In-Arena)

Fans attending Toronto Maple Leafs games at Scotiabank Arena may tune into FM station 89.9 to hear the play-by-play broadcast of the game.

Fans attending Toronto Raptors games at Scotiabank Arena may tune into TSN 1050 or The Fan 590 to hear the play-by-play broadcast of the game.


There are several restaurants and concession stands open throughout Scotiabank Arena during events. Openings and times vary with each event. Please see Related Links below for more information.

Note: Outside food and beverage are not permitted into the building.

Click here for details

Food Allergies

Fans with food allergies or medical conditions who require specific types of food and beverage will be permitted to bring their own food and beverage into the facility. Please call Fan Services at (416) 815-5982 to inquire about exceptions to Scotiabank Arena outside food and beverage policy.

Note: Scotiabank Arena concession stands and vendors sell peanuts and other nut products throughout the building. Scotiabank Arena does not have areas free from nut products and as a result, we recommend that those with nut allergies exercise extreme caution if attending events at Scotiabank Arena.


The Galleria is a public walkway running east to west at the north end of Scotiabank Arena.  It is a covered, climate-controlled walkway that houses the Ticket Office, Bag Check, and public entrances to Real Sports Apparel and Union Market. The east end Galleria entrance features a display of historical artifacts from the original Canada Post Delivery Building.

Gate Times

Gates open 1 hour prior to puck drop or tip off for all games.
Premium Entrance opens 2 hours prior to puck drop or tip off for Suites & Restaurant access.
Concert gate times can vary, but generally gates will open 60 minutes before the start time listed on the ticket. Please check the event detail page for each event. 
For shorter lines and quicker access, we recommend you come through gates 3, 4 or 5B.
Security measures will be conducted at all gates as requested by the NHL and NBA, so please allow yourself extra time for getting through our gates.

For games scheduled for 7/7:30/8PM Our Premium Entrance opens at 4:30PM for all Leaf Games and 5PM for all Raptors Games to accommodate restaurant reservations and suite access.

For Games scheduled earlier in the day, Premium Entrance will open 2hrs prior to puck drop/tip-off.

General Admission

Fans with general admission tickets for an event must enter through Premium Entrance (Bay Street).

Please note: When Premium Entrance B is in use for General Admission Floors, Gate 3 will be closed until approximately show time

Gift Cards

Guests looking to purchase Scotiabank Arena Gifts Cards can do so by filling out this form and sending to

Group Sales

For information on gondola box rentals or group ticket sales for Scotiabank Arena events, please call (416) 815-5783. 

Guest Assist

At Scotiabank Arena, fan safety and enjoyment are top priorities. If you are experiencing any displeasure, have a general inquiry or simply need assistance, we want to hear from you. Understanding that our fans do not want to miss a second of the action, Guest Assist allows you to ask our in-arena staff questions without leaving the comfort of your seat.

Simply text your inquiry and seat location to (647) 694-0454.

Within minutes you’ll receive a response from our dedicated Guest Services team.

Please note that standard text message rates apply.

For assistance during regular business hours, please call (416) 815-5982.

Guest Services

Our goal is to EXCITE EVERY FAN by delivering fun, value, and extraordinary hospitality. Should you have a question or concern, or require assistance during an event at Scotiabank Arena, we encourage fans to visit Guest Services at one of the following locations:

  • Level 100, at Gate 1
  • Level 300, at Section 301
  • Guest Services may also be reached Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. by calling (416) 815-5982

Ice Rentals

Hourly Ice Rentals: Hourly Ice Rentals are available on a limited basis. 

Skating Parties: Skating Parties for groups are available. 

Package includes: 
• Three (3) hours of ice time (maximum 250 people on the ice at one time) 
• Sound operator 
• Event staff to act as ticket takers and monitor safety on the ice 
• Emergency medical technician 
• Building Operations staff 
• Scotiabank Arena Event Coordinator 

Additional options: Food and beverage concessions; buffet style catering; Alumni or mascot appearances as well as specialized lighting. NOTE: Skating Parties and Hourly Ice Rentals are generally booked four (4) weeks in advance and are subject to availability. 

For more information, please visit the venue booking page.


Acceptable forms of photo I.D. at Scotiabank Arena are: valid driver's license; Age of Majority Card; Armed Forces Card; Passport; Canadian Citizenship Card; MTO Issued Photo ID; Canadian Permanent Resident Card; Native Status card.

Interpreting Services

Guests requesting interpreting services for live entertainment events (for example, sign language) at Scotiabank Arena events should contact our Guest Services Department a minimum of 30 days prior to the event and we will make every effort to accommodate. Guest Services can be contacted at or 416-815-5982.

Laser Pointers

There is zero tolerance for laser pointers at all games and events. If a fan is caught using a laser pointer, batteries will be confiscated. Repeat offenders will be subject to ejection from the event.


The Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club belongs to the National Hockey League (NHL) and plays all home games at Scotiabank Arena. 

For current information and up-to-date stats, please visit 

Leafs Nation Network

Covering Leafs Nation in its entirety, Leafs Nation Network (Formerly LeafsTV) combines all elements of the Toronto Maple Leafs' past, present and future into one non-stop hockey channel. Unlimited access and expert analysis combine with storytelling and non-stop action to give the channel the full taste of the Blue and White.

Lost Child

Scotiabank Arena is a large building and it can be easy for you to become separated from your child. When arriving at Scotiabank Arena we welcome you to drop by our Guest Services desks located inside Gate 1 (100 level) or outside section 301 (300 level) and request an ‘If Lost Please Call’ sticker for your child. For more information about this program please speak to one of our Guest Service reps upon your arrival at either desk, they will be happy to assist you.

Lost & Found

During an Event:

Please visit one of our Guest Services Desks located inside Gate 1 (100 Level), and on the 300 Level concourse outside Section 301.


After an Event:

Please complete a claim for the lost item online at


Note: It may take up to 48 hours after an event for all lost items to be recovered and available to be claimed. Items will only be held for 14 days following an event.

Lost or Stolen Tickets

If you purchased tickets for an Scotiabank Arena event through Ticketmaster, Scotiabank Arena Ticket Office or through MLSE directly and need to replace them, you may do so at the Scotiabank Arena Ticket Office provided you are the original purchaser. 

You will be required to verify the information on your ticketing account as well as provide valid photo identification.

Please Note: Ticket replacement policies may differ depending on the event

Maple Leaf Square (MLSQ)

Maple Leaf Square is a vibrant global entertainment destination located just outside Gate 6 of Scotiabank Arena. Connected to the city's transit system and underground PATH network, Maple Leaf Square is a touchstone linking visitors and residents to Toronto's vast cultural tapestry. Maple Leaf Square includes: Real Sports, E11even Restaurant, Hôtel Le Germain and much more.


Real Sports -
E11even -


The Toronto Marlies belong to the American Hockey League (AHL) and play all home games at Coca-Cola Coliseum. 

For group tickets, call (416) 597-7825 (PUCK) 

For current information and up-to-date stats, please visit 


The official mascot of the Toronto Maple Leafs is Carlton the Bear and he wears number 60. Carlton's name and number are a tribute to Maple Leaf Gardens, the former home of the Toronto Maple Leafs, which is located at 60 Carlton St. 

The Raptor is the official mascot of the Toronto Raptors and he wears number 95 to signify the first season that the Raptors played in the NBA. 

The official mascot of the Toronto Marlies is Duke the Dog. 

Mascots are available for private functions and appearances and are subject to availability. Please contact (416) 815-5500 for more information. 

Media Access

Media access to Scotiabank Arena is through Premium Entrance A on Bay Street. 
All media must have the appropriate credentials, which can be picked up at Premium Entrance A. No credentials permit bowl or suite seating. Media seating for basketball is at courtside; for hockey and lacrosse, media seating is located in the Foster Hewitt Media Gondola. Please note: Premium Entrance A is an unmarked gate. 

Media Releases

For Toronto Maple Leafs or Toronto Raptors media releases, please visit the Leafs or Raptors websites. For all other entertainment events, the promoter is responsible for media releases.


Located at Gate 1, Scotiabank Arena, Real Sports Apparel is 3,000 square-feet of the most authentic sports retail experience outside of the locker room. Located just steps from the ice and from the court, Real Sports Apparel brings fans closer to the action in a 360-degree mecca to the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, Toronto Argonauts, Toronto FC and Toronto Marlies. Specializing in on-site jersey personalization, exclusive merchandise collections and game-worn gear, Real Sports Apparel is as a must-stop shop for Toronto's most passionate fans.

More information click here.


ScotiaClub Gallery levels are located on the north and south sides of Level 100. You may access them via stairs manned by event staff; however, fans must have a ScotiaClub ticket to access this area. Washrooms, bars and food and beverage services are provided on gallery (mezzanine) levels.

Tickets with access to ScotiaClub will be marked as "ScotiaClub Access".

National Anthems

From Canadian recording artists Alessia Cara, The Tenors, and Jully Black, the Toronto Raptors are sure to bring you a different anthem experience every game. Looking to be the next anthem singer at a Raptors home game? Send a demo link of a video recording showcasing an acapella performance of both the full Canadian and American anthems to

Please note: opportunities to perform the national anthems at Scotiabank Arena exist for Toronto Raptors home games only. 

NBA TV Canada

Canada's only specialty station devoted to basketball and the NBA, NBA TV Canada covers the Raptors comprehensively with exclusive access, action and interviews. The channel hosts live NBA games nightly during the regular season and brings the best of basketball from the WNBA, NBADL and Europe to the entire nation.

Netting (Behind Goal)

The protective netting located at the top of the glass behind the goal nets is a mono-filament netting similar to fishing line. A fan survey was conducted prior to the start of the 2003-2004 season in order to obtain feedback, and select the type of protective netting that would be used at Scotiabank Arena.

Noise-Cancelling Ear Muffs

Guest Services Desks at Gate 1/Section 301 offer noise-cancelling ear muffs. Please note that we operate at a first come first serve basis and ear muffs cannot be reserved in advance. Ear muffs will only be offered to infants or children accompanied by an adult. Each fan must receive the item in exchange for some form of identification (drivers licence, passport, health card) that will be returned upon retrieval of the item. 

All Noise-Cancelling Ear Muffs are santized after each use. 

Non-Alcoholic Beer

Scotiabank Arena is happy to offer Coors Edge as a non-alcoholic beer choice.  Coors Edge can be purchased at the following locations:

  • Courtside Bar (Event Level)
  • Molson Brewhouse (Section 107)
  • Coors Light Kiosk (Section 108)
  • Suds In The Six (Section 116)
  • Coors Light Kiosk (Section 301)
  • Draught Deck (Sections 313-317)

Paperless Tickets

For certain Scotiabank Arena events, a portion of the tickets for the show are sold using a "Paperless" ticket system. This is a decision made by the tour/promoter to prevent ticket resellers from purchasing large amounts of tickets, resulting in more tickets being available to the general public.

For our events, Paperless Tickets are sold through Ticketmaster directly. A person purchasing Paperless Tickets is given a confirmation of their purchase. They will then have to present the credit card used to purchase the tickets on entry the day of the event. The credit card is processed using a Paperless Ticket scanner and a receipt is printed on the spot with your seating location. If you purchase more than one ticket on a single order, all the members in your group will need to enter at the same time.

If you purchased Paperless Tickets as a gift and will not be attending the show, please call our Fan Services Hotline at 416-815-5982 to inquire about available options.


Paramedics within Scotiabank Arena can be found at the following locations:

-Outside Section 105A
-Outside Section 116A
-Outside Section 309A
-Outside Section 319A

PATH Walkway System

Scotiabank Arena is connected to Toronto's underground PATH Walkway system, providing easy access to the downtown core and shopping and services. The PATH Walkway reaches as far north as Dundas Street and extends south to reach Maple Leaf Square. 

The PATH is accessible from the Galleria and connects Scotiabank Arena to the GO Station, Union Station, and the TTC Union Station


Toronto Police Services officers as well as our security staff will be on duty throughout the building and on the grounds during events. If you need assistance, notify a member of our security staff immediately or send us a message using Fan Assist (647-694-0454)

Prayer/Nursing Rooms

Our Guest Services staff are happy to personally escort individuals looking for a private space to an empty board room within our offices at Scotiabank Arena. If you are at one of our events and need to pray, nurse or require a sensory room please visit a Guest Services Desk (Gate 1 or Section 301) for assistance.

Premium Hospitality

Scotiabank Arena offers direct food and beverage service to arena seats for Platinum and Scotia Club seatholders. This service is available during Leafs games until midway through the 3rd period (alcohol sales stop at the end of 2nd intermission). Service during Raptors games is available until midway through the 4th quarter (alcohol sales stop at the end of the 3rd quarter).

Click here to view our menu

Premium Seating

Season Seat Holders that pay club fees and/or license fees in addition to their per ticket costs are considered Premium Seat Customers. Premium Seat customers receive additional amenities associated with their specific seats. The amenities vary depending on the specific season seats, but may include the ability to transfer ownership of their season seats, parking, access to select restaurants, in-seat service and access to purchase tickets to select concerts and other events within Scotiabank Arena ahead of the general public.

Prohibited Items

For safety reasons, fans are refused entry if they are in possession of prohibited items. Illegal items will be turned over to Toronto Police. If a fan is found in the facility with prohibited items, the items will be confiscated and in some cases, the fan may be ejected from the building.

Prohibited Items include (but are not limited to):

  • Bags
  • Bottles
  • Cans
  • Coolers
  • Sticks/flagpoles
  • Aerosol cans
  • Weapons (including pocket knives*)
  • Fireworks
  • Skateboards
  • Rollerblades
  • Roller-skates
  • Alcohol/outside food or beverage
  • Illegal drugs or noxious substances
  • Cameras, sound and/or video recording devices as per event restrictions (see also Cameras, Video Cameras, Audio Recorders)
  • Selfie Sticks (including Gimbal's)
  • Helium balloons
  • Stolen tickets.
  • Bags or luggage
  • Horns/noisemakers
  • Umbrellas (larger than 12” in length)

This list of Prohibited Items may vary based on promoter request.

For more information please contact Fan Services at 416 815 5982 closer to the event day.

* Please note that pocket knives will not be returned should these be confiscated by Scotiabank Arena security

Public Transportation

Fans may take the Yonge/University subway line to Union Station, which is within easy walking distance to Scotiabank Arena. Call the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) for more information at (416)393-INFO (4636) or visit Fans from outlying areas of Metro Toronto can take GO Transit to Union Station. Contact GO Transit information at (416)869-3200 or 1-888-GET-ON-GO (438-6646) or online at


Any pucks that enter the stands during Toronto Maple Leafs hockey games may be kept by the fan that catches it. Scotiabank Arena has protective netting in place at each end of the rink, however, fans are advised to stay alert at all times as pucks may still go into the stands.

In the event that you or a guest are hit by a puck and require medical assistance please let your Usher know or contact Guest Services through our Guest Assist Line 647-694-0454.

MLSE is not responsible for any lost or stolen game used pucks.


The Toronto Raptors Basketball Club belongs to the National Basketball Association (NBA) and plays all home games at Scotiabank Arena. 

Receipts (Amazon Just Walk Out)

To get your receipt from our Just Walk Out concession stands visit and complete the form. 


As a security measure, no re-entry is permitted after you have exited the Scotiabank Arena gates.

Restaurants and Concessions



For all MLSE Events, qualified designated security personnel are required to perform screening of all patrons entering the building, using metal detection equipment. Fans will be asked to open large jackets, remove non-religious headwear, and open any permitted bags. Additionally, some events may involve pat-down searches that will only be performed by qualified designated security personnel. Fans that refuse to submit to a search shall be refused entry and may not be eligible for a refund on their ticket purchase. 


Season Tickets

• For Toronto Maple Leafs season tickets call (416) 703-LEAF (5323).
• For Toronto Raptors season tickets call (416) 366-DUNK (3865). 
• For Toronto Marlies season tickets call (416) 597-PUCK (7825). 
• For Toronto FC season tickets, visit or call (416) 360-GOAL (4625). 

Please note there is currently a waiting list for Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors and Toronto FC season tickets. 

Seating Capacity

Hockey: 18,200 

Basketball: 19,300 

Full Concert (west end stage): 15,800 

Concert in the Round: 19,800 

Concert Bowl: 8,000-10,000 


Scotiabank Arena has its own facility and event security personnel present during all events.

Sensory Inclusion

MLSE is dedicated to ensuring our venues are sensory inclusive to provide all fans the opportunity for exceptional experiences. Customized sensory bags can be pre-arranged with our Guest Services team here and our Guest Services Desk on site to all guests. We also provide access to quiet areas at our venues, use of these spaces can also be pre-arranged or organized at our fan service desks.  Our service desks are located:


Scotiabank Arena

  • 100 Level - Behind section 119
  • 300 Level – Behind section 301

On site sensory bags include any or all of the following items:

  • Fidget tools
  • Noise canceling headphones

For assistance during an event at Scotiabank Arena, please text your inquiry to 647-694-0454. 

Service Disruptions

In the event that we experience a temporary disruption in facilities or services available for people with disabilities, we will post a notice in this space including the reason, duration and any alternatives available.

There are currently no reported service disruptions in the building.


Scotiabank Arena is a smoke-free building*, including all restaurant areas, suites and lounges. Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Partnership. is committed to the health and safety of our employees, our fans and everyone visiting our premises. 

Fans wishing to leave the building to smoke will not be allowed back in the building, per the re-entry policy. Please note: anyone found smoking inside Scotiabank Arena will be immediately ejected from the arena and subject to the maximum fines as per Ontario's Smoke-Free Act. 

* This also includes the use of electronic cigarettes

Social Media

Scotiabank Arena is available on Twitter and Facebook to provide our fans with all the latest news and information surrounding our venue. 

We are also available on Social Media during events to assist our fans with any inquiries or concerns they may experience while at Scotiabank Arena. 

Follow us on Twitter & Instagram - @ScotiabankArena
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Scotiabank Arena encourages fans to use the hashtag #ScotiabankArenaMoment to share photos and videos of their time at our venue!


Scotiabank Arena showcases a state-of-the-art audio system with zoned coverage throughout the facility. Patchable delay speakers are found in the main bowl.

Fans who require ear plugs may visit any Fan Services location to receive a pair free of charge.


During some MLSE Live events, the artist or performer artist may request that fans be permitted to stand for the duration of the show. On those occasions, fans who are standing are asked to continue being respectful to others around them and to only stand immediately in front of their designated seat. Standing on seats or any other building structure is not permitted. Those who choose to do so will be subject to ejection without a refund. Fans seated behind a standing fan should ask their usher or Guest Services for a relocation, as a standing fan will not be asked to sit down.  Please note that a relocation is not guaranteed.


For family events, a designated area is set up on the concourse near Gate 6 where strollers may be checked. At all other times, strollers may be checked at Guest Services.


Scotiabank Arena suites are available for rent and come in a variety of sizes to suit every need. Whether entertaining clients, putting the finishing touches on a major deal, hosting a meeting, or socializing with friends and family, Scotiabank Arena suites provide convenience, comfort, and service for your special event. Please be advised that these suites are available on a limited basis and prices vary by suite and event. 

There are a total of 154 suites within Scotiabank Arena: 40 Platinum Suites; 66 Executive Suites; 24 Theatre Suites; and, 24 Loge Suites. 

For more information on Scotiabank Arena suites, please contact (416) 815-5797.

Team Up Green

Scotiabank Arena has created "Team Up Green," a committee dedicated to reducing Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd.'s environmental footprint. MLSE has identified three (3) main areas where it can most affect its impact on the environment: energy, waste and water. 

To reduce our carbon footprint, we are spending $5.5 million over the next five years. Included in this five-year timeline, we plan on: 

• Reducing Scotiabank Arena's carbon footprint by 30 percent; 
• Diverting 100 percent of our waste material from landfills and to maximize organic and recycling streams; 
• Reducing energy use by 30 percent by installing energy efficient fixtures and systems; 
• Becoming a leader in environmental practices through fan engagement and best practices. 


Scotiabank Arena is home to the Toronto Raptors of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the Toronto Maple Leafs of the National Hockey League (NHL).

Additionally, our other venues, Coca-Cola Coliseum and BMO Field are home to the Toronto Marlies of the American Hockey League (AHL), Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League (CFL) and Toronto FC of Major League Soccer (MLS).

Ticket Office

For all events and games at Scotiabank Arena, please purchase your tickets at the Ticket Office located in the west end of the Galleria near Gate 1. Fans may also purchase tickets for an event coming to Scotiabank Arena by calling Ticketmaster at 1 855 985 5000, visiting any Ticketmaster outlet or online at the Ticketmaster Canada website.

Fans picking up tickets at Will Call must present Valid Photo ID as well as the credit card used for the ticket purchase.

More info click here


Each person attending an event must produce a valid event ticket, pass or authorized credential for that event or game. Once a fan has exited the building, they are not allowed re-entry into the facility.

Valid tickets for Maple Leafs and Raptors home games consist of: (i) physical tickets distributed by MLSE and Ticketmaster; and (ii) “mobile tickets” displayed on a mobile device using the applicable team’s or Ticketmaster’s mobile application, mobile version of the team or Ticketmaster website, or within a phone’s Apple/Android wallet.  Be advised that “print-at-home” PDF tickets, 8 ½ x 11 paper tickets or screen shots do not constitute as valid tickets and will be denied entry into Scotiabank Arena.

Accessible Seating

At Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, we strive to make it as easy as possible to purchase accessible seating tickets at our venues. Scotiabank Arena offers multiple accessible seating areas to better accommodate our guests. In saying this, it is important to remember that availability and type of accessible seating tickets will vary based on our policy and/or the type of event taking place.

For Scotiabank Arena events, order your tickets through Ticketmaster by phone at 1-855-682-6736 or request accessible seating tickets online by clicking the accessibility icon, then selecting “Wheelchair Accessible” under the Type of Accessible Seating tab.

Accessible seating areas are solely for persons with disabilities and their companions.

By purchasing an accessible seating ticket through Ticketmaster, you agree to the following: The ticket will be used only by a person with a disability and his/her companion. A ticket holder may be denied entry to or removed from an accessible seating area if he or she or the legitimate companion does not have a disability. If this occurs, Scotiabank Arena shall have no obligation to provide alternate seating. If Ticketmaster or the event provider believes, in its sole discretion, that your order violates or may violate this policy, Ticketmaster may cancel your order without notice. 

Side View Seating

Side view seats are located immediately beside the stage and will provide the fan with a vantage point that does not look straight onto the stage. 

Rear View Seating

Rear view seats are located behind the stage. These can be limited view depending on the stage configuration and the direction in which the artist chooses to perform.

Obstructed Seating

Relative to the playing or performing area, obstructed seats have limited sightlines due to some type of obstruction (i.e. equipment, building apparatus, cable drop, etc.). In this case, the view will be limited and there may not be a clear view of the entire playing or performing area.

Standing Room Tickets

Scotiabank Arena standing room tickets in row 19 of Sections 307-313 and 317-323. These tickets will indicate a seat number however this is only to direct fans where to stand, there will be no chairs provided in this section. All standing room tickets are marked with a letter S beside the Section number (ex. 319S)

Toronto FC

Toronto FC is Canada's first Major League Soccer (MLS) team and plays all home games at BMO Field. 

For more information and up-to-date stats, please visit

For group tickets, call (416) 360-4625 (GOAL)


Scotiabank Arena does not offer a tour program.

Venue Presentation

If you notice a spill or other housekeeping concern while at Scotiabank Arena, please let us know. You may notify the nearest staff member or text us using Fan Assist (647-964-0454). 

Venue Rental

Scotiabank Arena offers a wide range of event modes capable of accommodating any event, both for public and private occasions. The arena's Event Programming team can help you execute your special event, meeting or gala and are guaranteed to make your function an enjoyable experience from the planning process through the success of your important occasion.

Private Events 
Corporate and/or private events on the arena floor are booked at Scotiabank Arena 4-6 weeks in advance of your date.

For more information click here


There are 56 washrooms located throughout Scotiabank Arena. 

Universal Washrooms are in the following locations:

Level 100 
- Section 103/104 
- Section 114/115 

Level 300
- Section 310/311
- Section 317/318

All female washrooms contain feminie hygiene dispensers, free of cost. In addition, both the men's and women's washrooms are equipped with baby change tables.

Water Bottles

Empty and soft water bottles are welcome in the arena. Hard shelled water bottles are strictly prohibited. Guests may fill up their empty water bottles at one of the drinking fountains along the concourses.


Wheelchairs are available at the Guest Services Desks on Level 100 and Level 300. Fans who require a wheelchair escort to their seats should notify the gate staff upon arrival. Please note that wheelchairs cannot be borrowed for the duration of the event – they can only be used during load-in and load-out with the assistance of our Guest Services team

For more information, please see Accessibility.


Will Call

Fans may pick up tickets at the Ticket Office in the Galleria where there are several windows designated for Will Call. When picking up tickets purchased online or by phone through Ticketmaster, photo I.D. and the original credit card with which the tickets were purchased must be presented. Fans and guests are discouraged from leaving tickets anywhere else for pick up.