Fan Code Of Conduct

At MLSE, we have a strict policy when it comes to objectionable behaviour. Not in our House


It’s part of our goal to make our venues the most enjoyable environments for everyone and be a safe place for all MLSE employees willing and ready to help ensure that you have a great time.


In return, everyone from fans, to Stadium staff, to Team and Event personnel …..We’re all expected to treat one another in a courteous, professional, considerate and respectful manner.


We also believe that full inclusion is game changing and are committed to ensuring a welcoming and safe space for all regardless of ethnicity, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability or position, and will not tolerate discrimination or hate directed toward any group.


This is our house, a community where we all watch out for and respect one another, that is free of harassment of any kind, free from violence and free from discrimination.


MLSE will not tolerate any unsafe, offensive behaviour that may go against the Code of conduct in our venues. Failure to abide by this Code may result in ejection, suspension from entering any or all of our facilities.


We are all accountable for our actions and it’s more than being responsible for what you say or do. Each of us has a responsibility to report any act that goes against the values that we stand for. So, if you see something, say something.


Guest Assist is our in-arena text message program that gives you instant access to our Fan Services Staff. If you have a general inquiry or question about maintenance or are experiencing any concern with fan safety or security, simply text your location and inquiry to 647-694-0454. That’s 647-694-0454 from the comfort of your seat or anywhere else in the building.  We are here to help enhance your game day experience.