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Customer Service Policy

In accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), Scotiabank Arena is committed to improving access and opportunities for people with disabilities by identifying, removing and preventing barriers that might interfere with their ability to make full use of our facility.  

Scotiabank Arena is dedicated to providing unimaginable fan experiences to its customers. In doing so, we endeavour to service every fan in a manner that reflects the principles of dignity, independence, integration, and equal opportunity. Our commitment is to provide all fans, including those living with disabilities, the same experience. 


We will communicate with fans with disabilities in ways that take their disability into account. We will train our people on how to interact and communicate with people with various types of disabilities.​ 

Telephone Services

We are committed to providing fully accessible telephone service to our fans. We will train our people to communicate over the telephone in clear and plain language and to speak clearly and slowly. We will offer to communicate with fans using the relay service or by email if telephone communication is not suitable for their needs or is not available.  

Assistive Devices

Scotiabank Arena welcomes our fans with disabilities and allows them to use their own personal assistive devices. Scotiabank Arena also offers Assistive Listening Devices and wheelchair escorts. We will keep these items in good working order and will inform our fans of their availability or any disruption of service. Please note that we do not have wheelchairs that fans may keep for the duration of an event.  

Oxygen Tanks

Fans requiring the use of an oxygen tank may bring it with them into the building, however, we ask that they notify our Fan Services team so that we can determine if their current seat is the best accommodation for this assistive device.

Accessible Seating

Scotiabank Arena is committed to providing an exceptional experience for all fans and is pleased to offer accessible seating throughout the venue.

When available, accessible seats may be purchased through Ticketmaster by phone at 1 (855) 682-6736. Accessible seats are also available online through Ticketmaster at When navigating on Ticketmaster, click on Filters and toggle on “Show Accessible Seating” and any available seating in those areas will show. All our seating that is wheelchair accessible has a “W” outlined in the row: Example 105A/18W/101-102

Up to 4 seats may be purchased to accommodate the accessible needs fan, a support person and/or guests. 48 hours prior to each game date, any accessible seats that have not been sold will be released for purchase by the general public. It is recommended that fans that require an accessible seat purchase this type of ticket in advance. Fans that are in possession of a ticket for a standard seat, but require an accessible seat will need to exchange their ticket prior to the event, subject to availability. Season Seat Holder – Season Seat Holders looking to exchange their standard seat for an accessible seat should contact either the Toronto Maple Leafs or Raptors Service Teams at 1 (416) 703-LEAF (5323) or 1 (416) 366-DUNK (3865). Exchanges will be processed based on ticket availability. Gifted directly from a Season Seat Holder – If a fan is given a ticket for a standard seat from a Season Seat Holder and requires an accessible seat, they should contact either the Toronto Maple Leafs or Raptors Service Teams at 1 (416) 703-LEAF (5323) or 1 (416) 366-DUNK (3865) to confirm availability. If an accessible seat is available, the fan will be asked to contact the Season Seat Holder and have them contact their Account Representative to request and confirm the exchange. This permission/confirmation will be required in writing from the Season Seat Holder. Ticketmaster Purchase – If a fan purchases a ticket for a standard seat through Ticketmaster and requires an accessible seat, they should contact the Ticketmaster Customer Service line at 1 (855) 985-4357 to confirm availability. If an accessible seat is available, the exchange will be processed. Third Party/Unknown – If a fan purchases a ticket for a standard seat from a third party, or any other method that cannot be traced, and they require an accessible seat, an exchange or refund cannot be offered. These fans should contact Ticketmaster directly to inquire about the availability of an accessible seat to purchase. 1 (855) 465-3237 (Leafs),1 (855) 757-8677 (Raptors) or 1 (855) 985-5000 (Concerts). At the event, fans who show up and require, but do not hold, a ticket for an accessible seat, should visit our Fan Services desk located just inside Gate 1. Our Fan Services team will work with our Ticket Office to try to find a solution for the fan. Accommodations will be based on availability and cannot be guaranteed.  



  • Accessible parking at Scotiabank Arena may be available in our underground garage for hockey or basketball games, concerts or other events. There are four (4) on-site accessible parking spaces available for fans with disabilities. We also have additional wide spots within close proximity to the elevators that can be reserved. To reserve one of these spots for an upcoming event, please make your reservation in advance by calling (416) 815-5982 during regular business hours. Reservations can be made up to four weeks in advance of an event day. Fans being picked up or dropped off by Wheel-Trans or private vehicles should use the west side Gate 5/6 area, in the Bremner Boulevard traffic loop. Please note that this area can be congested before and after events or there may be times when this area is closed to traffic, with the exception of Wheel-Trans. Fans coming by private vehicle may wish to consider an alternate location nearby in which to meet.
  • When booking Accessible parking please note the following:
    • Fan(s) must have their ticket(s) in hand when entering the Scotiabank Arena parking garage
    • Underground parking at Scotiabank Arena is $50 for an event night (price subject to change). Scotiabank Arena is a cashless venue, only credit or debit payments will be accepted.
    • Parking garage will open one hour prior to the event
    • The height of the parking garage is 6’6” (approximately 2 meters)
    • Fans must display accessible permit to obtain access to their reserved space vi. As the parking garage is a part of the facility, alcohol is not permitted in vehicles  


All published documents can be made available in hard copy, large print, and email if required.  

Support Persons

Scotiabank Arena welcomes our fans with disabilities and their support person. All fans entering our venue, including those acting as a support person, are required to hold a valid ticket. Tickets for a support person are subject to standard event pricing. If a fan and their support person come to an event and have tickets in different sections, our Fan Services team will do their best to relocate them to a location where they can be seated together. The ability to do this will be based on availability and cannot be guaranteed. If they cannot be seated together, we will ensure that our fan can access their support person while in our venue. If a support person does not have a ticket to the event, our Ticket Office will work with the fan to allow them to purchase a ticket, where available.  

Sensory Inclusion

MLSE is dedicated to ensuring our venues are sensory inclusive to provide all fans the opportunity for exceptional experiences. Customized sensory bags can be pre-arranged with our fan services department here and our fan service desk on site to all guests. We also provide access to quiet areas at our venues, use of these spaces can also be pre-arranged or organized at our fan service desks.  Our service desks are located:


Scotiabank Arena

  • 100 Level - Behind section 119
  • 300 Level – Behind section 301

Coca-Cola Coliseum

  • Gate 1 – Behind section 117

BMO Field

  • Gate 1 – Across from Ticket Office
  • Gate 3 – Behind section 113-114
  • 500 Level – Behind section 207

On site sensory bags include any or all of the following items:

  • Fidget tools
  • Noise canceling headphones

For assistance during the game please approach any staff member or text #416-694-0454 for support.

Service Animals

Scotiabank Arena welcomes our fans with disabilities and their service animals. Service animals may accompany the fan in any areas open to the general public. To ensure the safety of our fans and their service animals, we require that they be seated in an accessible seating section.  

Notice of Temporary Disruption

Scotiabank Arena will provide notice to the public when there is a temporary disruption of facilities or services usually used by our fans with disabilities to access our goods or services. This notice will include information about the reason for the disruption, its anticipated duration and a description of alternative facilities or services that may be available. We will post this notice in reasonable places including the Ticket Office, Fan Services booths and, where possible, at the point of disruption. When possible, disruptions that are known in advance will be posted online.

These facilities or services include our passenger elevators, escalators, family washrooms, accessible stalls in all men’s and women’s washrooms, wheelchairs and Assistive Listening Devices.​ 

Employee Training

Scotiabank Arena will provide training to all employees and others who deal with our fans, as well as those who are involved in the development of corporate policies, practices, and procedures. Scotiabank Arena will also ensure that the staff of all third parties operating within our venue have received training on serving our fans with disabilities. Training will cover the following:

  •  The purposes of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 and the requirements of the customer service standard.
  • How to interact and communicate with fans with various types of disabilities.
  • How to interact with fans with disabilities that use an assistive device or require the assistance of a service animal or support person.
  • The location of our assistive devices and the persons who know how to use them.
  • What to do if a fan with a disability is having difficulty accessing our goods or services.
  • Scotiabank Arena’s policies, practices, and procedures relating to the customer service standard.
  • Those involved in policy development will receive additional training about providing goods or services to the public or third parties.

This training will be done as part of our preseason training program each year. For all staff members that join our team after this point, this training will be provided within their new hire training class. Ongoing training will be provided concerning any changes to Scotiabank Arena's policies, practices, and procedures.  

Fan Feedback

Scotiabank Arena is committed to providing exceptional fan service. We appreciate feedback from our fans on all issues, especially related to the way we provide goods and services to people with disabilities. All feedback should be directed to our Fan Services team in the method most preferred by the fan.

In person during an event, fans may visit our Fan Services locations: inside gate one (near section 120), 301 and inside Gate 2. For all other methods, please use the contact information below.

Scotiabank Arena Fan Services 50 Bay Street, Suite 500, Toronto, ON, M5J 2L2

Phone: (416) 815-5982 Fax: 416-815-6050


We strive to respond to all feedback within two business days of receipt.  

Questions about this Policy

Any questions about this policy should be referred to our Scotiabank Arena Fan Services team at the contact information noted above.​