Toronto Maple Leafs Tailgate (Round 1 Game 7)

Presented by Scotiabank in Maple Leaf Square

Toronto Maple Leafs Tailgate (Round 1 Game 7)

Toronto Maple Leafs Tailgate (Round 1 Game 7)

Presented by Scotiabank in Maple Leaf Square

Event Information

Additional Ticket Information

  • Maple Leafs Tailgates now require fans to obtain free mobile passes (QR Codes) to enter Maple Leaf Square. Passes will be available 24 to 48 hours before each confirmed game. Get your passes here: 
  • Mobile passes are new this year to enhance the fan experience by decreasing the line and wait times to the Tailgate and ensuring the safety of everyone in attendance. Fans can obtain a limit of four (4) passes. Arrive early! Space is subject to availability if arriving after the start of the game.

Where is the entrance to the tailgate located?

  • Entrance to MLSQ Tailgates is located at York St. and Bremner Blvd.

I am season ticket member trying to access the arena, not the tailgate. Where can I enter the building?

  • Season ticket members must enter through Gates 1 (Galleria) or Gates 5 and 6 (on the north side of Maple Leaf Square outside the perimeter of the Tailgate (closest to Union Station). There is no access to the arena through the Tailgate. There will be directional signage to guide fans.

If I am media, where do I enter the tailgate?

  • Media entrance is located on the north side of the tailgate and there is directional scrim/signage to help direct people to this location.

How do I secure a spot in the tailgate for each game?

  • Free Mobile Passes will be required this year to be admitted to Tailgates. To obtain a pass, visit

What time does the tailgate begin?

  • Doors open two (2) hours prior to puck-drop and close after the second intermission.

If it is raining, will the tailgate still happen?

  • Tailgates will go ahead rain or shine unless there is lightning or other safety risks. Updates will be communicated via Scotiabank Arena social channels. Umbrellas are not permitted in the tailgate.

Can Tailgate passes be sold for a value?

  • No Tailgate passes cannot be sold for any value. Passes are free on

Is smoking allowed in the tailgate?

  • There is no smoking/vaping of any kind allowed in the tailgate.  

Are there in and out privileges?

  • There are no In and Out privileges in the tailgate.  

What items are not allowed inside the tailgate?

  • Prohibited Items:  
  • Sticks, flags & flagples  
  • Aersol cans & fireworks  
  • Skatebards, rollerblades or roller skates  
  • Outside alchol or outside food & beverage  
  • Illegal drugs r noxious substances  
  • Oversized bags r luggage (14x14x6)  
  • Lawn chairs  
  • N smoking of any kind in the square  
  • N offensive signs permitted  
  • N umbrellas in the square 
  • Any weapn, firearm, knife, etc.  
  • Bttles, cans and coolers 

Is alcohol served in the tailgate?

  • Alcohol service is available in Zone One  
  • Alchol service will end at start 3rd perid 

Is there food available inside the tailgate?

  • Food service is available in Zone One.  

Can I bring in my own food or drink?

  • There is no outside food or drink allowed inside of the tailgate.  

I am a vendor activating in the tailgate, when do I need to have my vehicle out of the square?

  • Vehicle Access will be closed on Bremner Blvd. from Lake Shore Blvd. to the east side of the parking garages – pedestrian access will re-open before and after tailgates.  

Are there washrooms in the tailgate?

  • There are portable washrooms available in the tailgate. 


Mobile Ticketing

Moving forward, all future tickets sold for events at Scotiabank Arena will be Mobile Only Delivery. Download the Official Scotiabank Arena Mobile App to manage your tickets.

Scotiabank Arena Bag Policy

To protect our fans, employees and teams, and to align with league and tour standards, a restricted bag policy is in place at Scotiabank Arena.


Our up to date bag policy can be viewed HERE


Re-Entry Policy

Please note that as an additional security measure, no re-entry is permitted after you have exited Scotiabank Arena gates. There are no longer any in-and-out privileges.

Camera Policy

NBA Policy: Camera flashes may not be used at any time during games. Cameras with detachable lenses are strictly prohibited. Video cameras are permitted, however NBA policy strictly prohibits the use of still photos or video footage for commercial purposes without the express written approval of the NBA head office.

NHL Policy: Non-flash still photography is permitted; however, the lens must not exceed 75mm. Video cameras, GoPros, and Selfie Sticks are not permitted.

Concerts:  As the camera policy for each event varies, we recommend that fans contact Fan Services at (416) 815-5982 prior to arriving at the building to confirm the camera policy for a particular event. iPads and other tablets are not permitted during Concerts/Special Events. MLSE reserves the right to confiscate any tape or film that is used during an event.